Muscle Stimulators
At PhysioProduct we have an abundance of top quality muscle stimulators that are created by one of the world’s leading brands, Compex. The products that Compex design are recommended by leading athletes and professional physiotherapists.

What are Muscle Stimulators?

Muscle stimulators use intelligent electro pulse technology to work the body during both exercise and rest. Made with athletes in mind products by Compex are designed to greaten the challenge of a training program, prevent injuries, quicken recovery from injury, provide pain management and more. Easy to use and compact, these personal fitness coaches can be taken with you whenever you exercise.
How do Muscle Stimulators work?

Muscle stimulators charge your body with electrical impulses that activate muscles that you might not usually use. When this combines with the exercise that you carry out, it works your body extra hard but all within a safe level.

Muscle stimulators engage more of your muscles than you would when usually completing your workout, even those that you don’t usually feel or control! On top of these more ‘hidden’ muscles, muscle stimulators ensure that all your major muscle groups are thoroughly exercised.
So, in a nut-shell, muscle stimulators are a simple way to complete an extra intense workout in a smaller period of time, whilst doing less exercise.
Some of PhysioProduct’s most popular Muscle Stimulators

Below you will find a wide variety of different muscle stimulators that we offer at PhysioProduct. If you are struggling to identify the perfect muscle stimulator for your circumstances, a look at some of our most popular products may help.
Compex SP Wireless 8.0 Muscle Stimulator

Compex’s SP Wireless 8.0 model is the ultimate workout tool for all professional athletes. This product can also be used to help aid recovery, and is able to use before, during and after exercise to help target all muscles.
Take a closer look at the Compex SP Wireless 8.0 Muscle Stimulator.
Compex Fit 1.0 Muscle Stimulator

The Compex Fit 1.0 Muscle Stimulator is an easy to use muscle stimulator that will help you tone your muscles and keep in shape. This products’ exceptional versatility will allow you to effectively firm up your arms and abs and can be used at any time.
Check out the Compex Fit 1.0 Muscle Stimulator.
Compex SP 4.0 Muscle Stimulator

The Compex SP 4.0 Muscle Stimulator is a great device for recovering from injury, pain relief and fitness development. This product is a useful tool for athletes of all levels and is perfect for targeting all muscle groups easily and safely.

Muscle Stimulators

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