Thumb Splints & Supports

Thumb Splints & Supports
Our range of thumb splints and supports are ideal for the rehabilitation of wrist and thumb injury and for use following wrist surgery and thumb surgery.

In our range you’ll find splints and supports that can help with conditions such as:
• Broken Thumb
• Thumb Ligament Injuries
• Skier’s Thumb

Thumb Support Splints with Next Day Delivery

One of our most popular thumb splints reduces thumb pain following a fracture or sprain by stabilising the digit. This will also help to prevent further injury and shorten the healing duration. Metal stays are used within the support to achieve this by limiting movement of the thumb. This is a popular product amongst skiers as it supports the base of the thumb joint, an area often injured during skiing.
Check out the PhysioProducts Kenya Thumb Stabiliser Support Splint now!

Another of our favourite thumb splints caters for a range of injuries by incorporating removable stabilisers, which you can add or remove depending on the type of support you require. This adjustability adds to the overall comfort of the brace, which is made from a fully-washable Breath-O-Prene fabric to help keep the wrist dry and ventilated. The dual stabilisers – one which fits onto the inside of your wrist and one which fits onto the outside – help keep the wrist secure and supported. The thumb spica, meanwhile, provides that extra stability to the thumb. Check out the Aircast A2 Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica now!

Finally we have an adjustable, lightweight and removable wrist/thumb splint that can also be used as a protective cast. It protects the wrist and thumb following fractures and sprains while permitting full finger function. It has a strong but lightweight plastic shell and spica that protect and immobilise the wrist and thumb, just as well as an old-fashioned plaster cast – except it’s much easier to wear! Find out more about the PhysioProducts Kenya Wrist Brace With Thumb Splint now

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Thumb Splints & Supports

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Thumb Support Splint


Thumb Support Splint to Stabilise Injured, Weak or Arthritic Thumbs

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