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Join the stand-up revolution with a sit-stand desk, designed to get office workers up and moving more. Choose  sit-stand desk to fight aches, injuries, cardiovascular disease and other unhealthy effects of prolonged sitting. This standing desk is electronically height adjustable allowing you to conveniently transition between sitting and standing while you work. The desk is very versatile due to its height range and works well in many environments

Recent studies have shown that sitting in one position all day can have negative impacts on health and productivity. To combat this, sit-stand working has become a popular trend, allowing individuals to alternate and transition between sitting and standing while maintaining high efficiency.

Our telescopic electric desks offer a smooth, safe and effortless transition from sitting to standing, adjustable with a touch of a switch. These cost-effective, reliable and well-designed desks can also be easily adjusted to fit different desktop sizes.

A standing desk encourages alternation between sitting and standing as you go about your daily work routines. This fluidity stimulates blood flow, which in turn increases the oxygen levels in your body. This not only means that fatigue and muscle soreness are minimised, but work capability is boosted with greater focus and productivity.

People who have existing back conditions typically find standing desks beneficial. Standing at your desk helps to elongate the spinal column which is good for posture and reduces strain on the spine and back muscles. You simply place the unit on your desk, add your office equipment and you are ready to get back to work.

Using a sit-stand desk to move from sitting to standing throughout the day can help you manage the health risks associated with prolonged sitting, which include obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. A sit-stand desk can also discourage you from staying too long in the same posture, which can sometimes cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as back pain and RSI.

Say goodbye to aches, fatigue, poor circulation and discomfort and enhance your overall productivity and health with a Height Adjustable Desk.

Improved comfort; improved efficiency; improved circulation; reduced fatigue; reduced aching backs and necks.


What is a sit-stand desk?

Sit-stand desks (also called standing office desks) are office desks that can be either manually or electronically adjusted to sitting or standing height throughout the day. This helps prevent problems associated with prolonged sitting by providing the ability to move between two working positions.

Why buy a sit-stand desk?

Many studies show that sitting for more than 6 hours a day is linked to being overweight, obese, having type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and even premature death.

With technology such as computers, television and video consoles changing our work and leisure habits, it seems we’re spending increasing amounts of our lives sitting down. There is no doubt this is seriously impacting office worker health. In fact, a substantial piece of research on the topic found that a sedentary lifestyle can cause:

112% increase in risk of diabetes.

147% increase in cardiovascular events.

90% increase in death caused by cardiovascular events.

49% increase in death from any cause.

An adjustable-height sit-stand desk gives you the option to sit or stand throughout the day, keeping your muscles active and reducing the risk of aches and pains caused by repetitive movements.

How high should a standing desk be?

Standing office desks can be adjusted and customised to whichever height the user finds the most comfortable. Having said this, there are a few things to consider when deciding on an optimum height:

Desk accessories should be easily reachable.

The user must be able to see any computer screens directly in front of them without moving the neck.

Elbows should be resting at a 90-degree angle at full height.

What are the benefits of a sit-stand desk?

Increased alertness, concentration and productivity.

Improved blood circulation.

Relief from muscle ache caused by static posture.

Flexibility to adjust your working position to the task at hand.

Burn more calories.

How do you setup a standing desk?

Setting up a standing desk is virtually identical to a regular fixed height desk. However, there are some additional steps to acknowledge:

Assembly: Take note of the manufacturer’s guidance when it comes to assembly. While instructions may vary, it’s important your desk is assembled correctly.

Sitting: When sitting, ensure that your back is resting in an upright, comfortable position. This is also your opportunity to arrange any desk accessories functionally

Standing: Your standing position shouldn’t vary much from your sitting position. Everything should feel natural and effortless while moving between two positions.

Avoid slouching: Sometimes, it can be tempting to kneel or lean on your desk while standing. This has a great impact on our posture and should be avoided at all costs. So, when setting up your new standing desk, be sure to stand up straight.

Alternating positions: Once you’ve found your optimal seated and standing position, you are ready to begin using your new standing desk. Be sure to alternate between both positions throughout the day at a 1:1 ratio. So, for every hour, you should stand and sit for 30 minutes each.

With these steps complete you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a much more pleasurable ergonomic working experience.

How can I ensure my sit-stand desk is set up correctly?

Have your new desk delivered and set up at a time convenient to you with our team. Trained technicians will make sure you’re as comfortable and confident as possible with your purchase – and they’ll even conveniently remove and recycle all the packaging afterwards so you’re ready to go.

What size sit-stand desks do you sell?

No matter what type of office you’re upgrading, our sit-stand desk is perfect for almost any space. This customizable desk is  great for both home office and regular work use.

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