Jumpers / Runners Knee Patella Strap


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Jumpers / Runners Knee Strap – Knee Patella Band – Osgood Schlatter’s, Arthritis


What is the Jumper’s Knee Strap?

Superb value adjustable knee strap to relieve the symptoms of patella tendonitis (tendinopathy), jumpers knee and Osgood Schlatters.


When can I use it?

  • For the relief of mild to moderate patella tendonitis (jumpers Knee).
  • For the relief of Osgood Schlatter’s Disease.
  • Can be used in all sports, not just jumping activities.

Which size do I need?

  • One size fits most.
  • Can be used on either knee.
  • Fits knee circumference up to 36cm.

How does it work?

This one size fits all neoprene strap is adjusted with Velcro to apply pressure to the patella tendon. By reducing the girth (width) of the patella tendon, the pressure applied by the knee strap prevents maximum force being transmitted through the tendon. This reduces the strain on the tendon and helps to alleviate symptoms of Jumpers Knee and Osgood Schlatter’s Disease.

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