Orthopedic Silicone Full Insole


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100% pure medical grade silicone gel material. Soft, durable, environmental, harmless, comfortable.

Medical silicone insole is suitable for calcaneal spurs, Achilles tendon ligament operation, calcaneus tenderness, and fatigue heel lesions.

The medical silicone insole/inserts utilizes the special softness and elasticity of the silicone material and the non-deformation design. The design of the shape and shape incorporates the principles of motion mechanics, effectively alleviating the symptoms of calcaneal pain.

Medical silicone insole benefits: transparent on both sides can be used. Elastic silicone material is suitable for different seasons of shoes. It is soft, flexible and elastic, absorbs the pain caused by the soles of the feet, and comfortably raises the feet.

1. The dense and flexible silicone material makes the heel volume slim and elastic, increasing the elasticity of the heel and damping.
2. Effectively relieve the pain of the heel caused by long walking, standing and the sole is too hard.
3. Put in the flat shoes to improve the center of gravity, can play the role of invisible wedge.

Silicone insole is a very popular foot care product in foreign countries. Because it is soft and comfortable, it has good anti-shock and decompression functions, so it is highly affected by athletes, disciplined forces, standing and walking for a long time, and suffering from foot discomfort. Consumers love it.

The silicone insole produced by special process is very soft and comfortable, has strong tear resistance and certain extension. It can be in direct contact with the skin. It has good effect on the health of the foot; it also has antibacterial and decontamination. It acts as a bacterium and has a distinct deodorizing function.

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